Slot Review: Palace of Poseidon

There isn’t a great selection of well-known games from Merkur Gaming covered in our slots reviews, but that might change. The future may look bright for Merkur once more people have played Palace of Poseidon. Don’t misunderstand us. The visual variety isn’t really impressive, but the game is still enjoyable to play. It’s a shame the game has a track that sounds so much like an arcade machine. The entire tone of the game is diminished a little by this. There is, however, a mute button available for your usage.

Those who are familiar with Greek mythology would know that Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympian gods. The sea was his primary realm, and he is sometimes referred to as the “God of the Sea” because of this. That’s why you’ll be exploring underwater environments full of coral reefs, rocks, and marine life in this game. Above this, you’ll see the reels, with the game’s logo displayed above the reels.

Locate the Palace of Poseidon.

The reels are, indeed, openly displayed. There are three rows alongside the five of these. The game’s many distinct symbols are displayed on these reels. The standard alphabetic characters and numbers from A to J are here to start. Some other symbols related to the theme are included. All of these features can be found in marine organisms. Two of them include marine animals, specifically a seahorse and a starfish. A conch shell is included as well. Angel fish and octopuses, the final two higher-paying symbols, exist.

There are 10 paylines in total, on top of the standard reels, rows, and icons. These can be modified to fit the tastes of the individual. To do this, click the minus button to the left of the ‘Lines’ box or the plus button to the right. In addition, players can adjust the size of their wager before each spin. Simply use the plus and minus buttons in the right-hand corner of the screen to make the necessary adjustments. There, you have the option of changing the coin value from £0.01 up to £2. With all 10 lines in play, a £20 maximum bet is in effect. A handy ‘Auto Start’ button is also at your disposal. This feature allows you to keep your stake the same for up to 100 consecutive spins of the reels.

Where It’s Wetter, Under the Sea, Is Where You Want to Be!

In addition to all of the references to The Little Mermaid, you may also enjoy some unique game modes in Palace of Poseidon. Every time you spin the reels, you’ll come across a special wild icon. This one is modeled after the god Poseidon. He’s a wild symbol, thus he can replace any other on the reels. The game’s scatter symbol is the lone exception to this rule. If a win includes this symbol, the payout is doubled. The top payout of £15,000 is awarded when five of them appear on reels on a winning pay line.

The scatter symbol in this game is Poseidon’s own palace. Any appearance of a scatter on the reels will result in a payout. You can win up to 2,000 coins if five of them appear on the screen at once. In addition, if three or more of them appear, you will receive 15 free games. During this period, the value of all rewards is increased by a factor of four.

The Last Word

You don’t have to be familiar with or interested in Greek mythology to enjoy this slot machine. It has great graphics and a beautiful aquatic setting. The bonus features are standard fare compared to other slot machines. However, the whole thing comes together in a seamless fashion to create a remarkable presentation. It’s a shame that the game’s audio is so terrible, because it takes away from the experience. We think any gamer looking for a fun time should give it a shot.

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